SPORTS ADMINISTRATION 2021 = Serious re-thinking and ACTION is needed with the LAWS of the games. Sports are supposed to promote ongoing HEALTH, not Chronic ILLNESSES and DEATH(?)


Are we? or are we not? … On the right track or at least on the right field?

“The LAWS and RULES of sports were not created by superior forces, but by well-intended erring humans! – Now it is our opportunity and duty to right a chronic wrong”

I’d like to suggest that lacking sufficient neck/shoulders/back muscles strength and flexibility (both are directly proportional) or hand in hand would contribute towards abrupt ‘whiplash’ and repeated blows to the head, whether against another head, hard surfaces, or a hardball. Because of these involuntary actions, I believe athletes or non-athletes may experience multiple brain traumas by repeated bouncing of the brain against the internal walls of the skull. To reduce this risk and prevent whatever may be preventable? TACKLES MUST always be with both arms FROM WAIST DOWN! ETR – 15/12/2021.

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