From the ISSF + BACC, our vote of thanks to you, viewers, supporters, and sponsors! – Let’s go for an even better 2022.


Big claps, pats, and kisses to all involved in 2021.
We as a TEAM are leading the challenge to assist in improving the lives of its participants, and the administration of the Business of Sport. Our investigative ‘under the microscope’ approach is desperately needed in the process of change.

EDUCATION, AWARENESS and FOLLOW THROUGH is our mantra. PREVENTION is the best and the smartest form of PROTECTION! – One million thanks to all, speakers, organisers, viewers, and other 😍 😎 participants. THANK YOU.

Wishing you a healthy and restful Christmas break. I do invite you to… GO FOR IT in a very promising 2022

Enrique TOPO Rodriguez (ISSF) + Susana Ecclestone (BACC)

07th December 2021

Since May 2020


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