TO ALL SPORTS ADMINISTRATORS AND BADLY NEEDED SPONSORS – Are you and your corporations, behaving like “Silent Witnesses”?

A DRAMATIC LAWS OVERHAUL IS NEEDED = IN ALL SPORTS – The case for a New Rationale in Lawmaking is here to stay. We are seeing every single day, from every continent, from all sports thousands of cases of:

  1. IRRESPONSIBLE Health Management
  2. IGNORANT, INEPT and OUT OF TOUCH Administration of the Business of Sports
  3. PROFESSIONALS & SCIENTISTS with personal stake (vested interests)
  4. ORGANISATIONS and MULTINATIONAL COMPANIES producing expensive ‘toys’ to promote a perception of ‘Duty of Care’ in managing critical injuries (neurodegenerative diseases, etc. etc.)
  5. PLAYERS and COACHES BLINDED by million-dollar contracts, with no regard for human life and wellbeing
  6. HEAD COACHES, ANCILLARY STAFF, CLUB PRESIDENTS, BOARD OF DIRECTORS, oblivious of the seriousness of historic, current, and future cases of athlete’s health and life mismanagement
  7. Anymore? Please, sports spectators and followers… CHALLENGE… the belief that sports administrators are Invincible Gods, who can do no wrong.

WHILE THE PANDORA’S BOX HAS BEEN CRACKED OPEN FOR QUITE SOME TIME NOW! – SPORTS ADMINISTRATORS ARE HIDING BEHIND ACADEMIC DOORS WITH DUBIOUS SIDE-STEPPING ANNOUNCEMENTS – OWN UP / SHUT UP / AND PAY UP. This is my simple advice for moving forward with responsibility and integrity so the sporting community can trust you, television, sponsors (today supporting a Roman Circus like show, with thumbs down, thumbs up or silent witnesses!

Enrique TOPO Rodriguez


Sydney 03/12/2021

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