TSN Hockey Concussions and Steve Montador’s Father LONG Legal Battle for Justice!!!


TSN Hockey@TSNHockey · 11hThe father of the late Steve Montador, who has been embroiled in a six-year fight with the NHL, opened a new front in the legal battle by filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the league. Story from @rwesthead: http://tsn.ca/1.1713358

AND SO GOES THE STORY! – The administration of sports (business) absolutely reject the need for intervention and overhaul of its Laws! – Well, I absolutely reject the notion that Laws cannot be changed. After all, they were made for a purpose, by (imperfect) men, they are not working so…


  1. Soccer is working art reducing if not stopping the famous ‘header’
  2. If Hockey is about skill, Why these intemperate fights?
  3. If Cricket is also a ‘Gentlemen’s game, Why the bouncers?
  4. If Rugby is the ‘thinking’ men’s game, yet…
  5. Why the untimely and unwarranted shoulder charges and head knocks?

So on and so forth, every sport that is played on hard surfaces or with a hard-ball, even volleyball has problems of generating those repetitive TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries) all have inherent risks of higher proportions, blows to the head which is awfully close to the neck and spine.

Furthermore, regarding Positive or Negative attitudes we also need to bring up accountability for cit. Many injuries occur just because somebody decided to take a shortcut, whether being instructed by the coach or coaches, or just the player’s personal moronic initiative? – I dare say, the attitudinal problem would account for 2/3 of accidental injuries. Please do not quote me on this!

My big problem with all this is… the amount of time, money and effect spent/wasted with academia, scientists, inconclusive studies, lying studies, etc. etc. I argue that 50% of the money spent in professional interventions AFTER the accident or episode (whether diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, MUST BE SPENT IN PREVENTION. Why? Because focusing on Injury Prevention and Heath Preservation we will be able to prevent many bad accidents and several premature deaths. Thus we all are in a WIN-WIN-WIN situation. Please do not misinterpret or misconstrue my statement. All the professionals have a vital role t lay, nevertheless AFTER the episode. Yes, one of those uncommon commonsensical horse’s for courses!! – must be Melbourne Cup Fever (next Tuesday 2/11/21)

Enrique TOPO Rodriguez

Founder & General Convener ISSF (iss-forum.net)

Executive Chairman, Wellbeing Leadership & Sport Pty Ltd

Founder and Principal Director, http://www.globalrugbyuniversity.com

Sydney 30/10/2021

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