When all stakeholders of Sports (The Game, The Show, and The Business) – Must come together, travel towards the same direction (save their particular sport from oblivion)!

A HARMONISED approach was called for by Ms Alexandra Veuthey (Libra Sports, Lausanne, Switzerland) in her PhD paper/thesis. There is no swerving, side-stepping, or sweeping hubris under the red carpet. Today Sports 2021 (with no exception) must take full responsibility for its own actions and in-actions.

It has been far too long since Administrators, TV and specialised global media has been blatantly ignoring their ‘DUTY OF CARE’ towards the athletes (the real performing assets of the Business of Sports).

Far too many young and old athletes, their families, and friends have been suffering from The Pleasure of Spectators and the benefit of JV Capitalists and other entrepreneurs’ benefits. Today PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS are rightfully (fighting the fight) concerned and alarmed about the prospects of their loved ones ending chronically disabled, or dead!

A real ‘grown-ups’ approach is the only way forward to preserve FIRST athlete’s wellbeing, and second the viability of global sports! – Sports are meant to have the LUDIC factor combined with health and wellbeing for the life after sports.

Some of you may remember the Universal Mantra… “Mens-Sana-in-Corpore-Sano”, and Baron Pierre de Coubertin’s exultation when advocating for FAIRPLAY!

Enrique TOPO Rodriguez

Triple Rugby Union International (1971-1992)

CAPTAINED, Wallabies – Barbarians FC – Zebre XV – Argentine Provinces Selection – National University of Cordoba, Argentina.

Founder, www.iss-forum.net | www.globalrugbyuniversity.com | Leadershipcoachigs.com

The ERC Group | Wellbeing Leadership & Sport Pty Ltd.

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