The ERC Group FZCO (Dubai) has incorporated the OMCPL.ORG to our list of clients = The 6th World (Virtual) Forum of Cities and Logistics Platforms will be held in Aragon, Spain (20-22 October 2021).


On behalf of The ERC Group FZCO and The Board of Directors of the OMCPL, we proudly announce our appointment as REPRESENTATIVES of the Organizacion Mundial de Ciudades y Plataformas Logisticas, for the regions of Oceania and the Persian Gulf.

The OMCPL is based in Laredo, Texas (USA), with offices in Manzanillo (Mexico), Sevilla (Spain) and Bahia Blanca (Argentina). As the new Head of the Marketing Team, I would like to encourage you to visit us on – In particular, I do recommend reviewing relevant details on the 6th World (Virtual) Forum on Cities and Logistics Platforms – To be held and coordinated from the city of Aragon, Spain. October 20-22, 2021.

Should you have any queries and/or interest in participating? Please drop me a line at or by phone/WhatsApp at +61412 403304.

I do look forward to working with you, for the Global Economic Development through Fair Logistics Platforms.

Enrique TOPO Rodriguez

# Executive Chairman, The ERC Group FZCO (Dubai Silicon Oasis) UAE.

# Head of Marketing, OMCPL, (Oceania and Persian Gulf)

PO Box 4131 Carlton NSW 2218 Australia [Sydney 21/07/2021]


OMCPL – Organización Mundial de Ciudades y Plataformas Logísticas

OMCPL.ORGOMCPL – Organización Mundial de

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