Concussion – Dementia in Sports – Discussion

(International Sports Sciences Forum – Sydney 31/03/2021)

To the Medical Sciences and…The Scientists, I’d like to remind you and stress a couple of points…

“It pays to attend different churches”… and to listen to different bells and sermons!

When the stakes are high, some ‘experts'(?) and ‘expert witnesses'(?) may have a field day entertaining and perhaps ‘deceiving’ media, patients, families, and potential future customers. Nonetheless, in front of a Judge, ‘funny business’ have very short legs!

‘Smoke and mirrors’ they used to say in the IT Industry. Outlandish claims may have a short term brash with fame, yet the damage long term could be irreparable for the supposed ‘author’ and of course the reader/recipient of faalse claims. A lot is at stake in the academic fields, plagiarism, and doors closing could be some of the poblems for scientists and researchers in trying to publish their papers or results of many years studies.

Nevertheless, my only recommendation is, triple-check the sources, cross-reference checking goes long way (a phone call or two to the sources), critical thinking and a ‘pluralistic’ approach are essential to forming well-informed opinions while uncovering truths. Just for a moment we must think about a ‘recruitment process’ where instead of hiring a person for a set term, we are acquiring knowledge, is it forever(?). Conclusion, the academic rigour is never out of the question, and of action.

At the International Sports Sciences Forum (  ), we stand for Athlete’s Health & Wellbeing above all, as well as Sports Injuries Prevention. Sedentary lifestyles of today are aggravated by an abundance of VDU’s (either positive or negative) they do influence Fitness & Wellbeing greatly. ‘Speed’ at execution of tasks and ‘multitasking’, ‘Comfort’ (food almost delivered to your mouth); and ‘Choice’ of colours, models, shapes, etc.

NOTE: Some creative neophites want to do away with sports all together alluding ‘too risky’. BEWARE: Removing sporting activities from the community whether from 6 y.o. to 60 y.o. or even older, will not help in preventing injuries or illnesses! Many of the consequences of sedentary life, ageing, poor conditions, can be averted with ‘smart activities’. Regular mental and physical activities are a must for our overall health, happiness, selfesteem and steady emotional wellbeing, let’s not forget social relatedness, we are from our origins, social animals! And it also is totally human, to obey and attend to our biological nature and needs to mix and socialise – Thank you!

Enrique TOPO Rodriguez

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Executive Chairman & CEO, The ERC Group FZCO | ARSA Worldwide |

Australian-Argentine Business Council | Alas Latinas Forum | The Malbec Society

General Convener, ISSF (

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