Leadership Coachings

Even though the COVID19 pandemic has manged in the almost last 12 months, to stop our crazy world we’ve created and live in, on its tracks, still a large portion of humanity still is in ‘the Rat-Race’. Industries and Enterprises have significantly slowed down in their productive activities, employment, market share and others gone to the wall. The intensity we were living in was unsustainable and those corporations and individuals who were ‘skating on thin ice’ had to face the tough arm of the law.

Flexibility and Creativity have been at the forefront of this battle against the Invisible Thingy, nothing new here. All those who shall not adapt and change shall not prosper or even disappear from this competitive world. Ok, now I got you at the point to make my point. As we well know we for millions of years have had ‘hunters and gatherers’, ‘leaders and followers’, ‘educated and uneducated’ folk. Today the necessity of mastering technology, scientific knowledge, time constraints, financial challenges, etc. has left many people unequipped or severely disadvantaged when it comes to Human Relationships and Leadership Skills. the world talks about EI (Emotional Intelligence); Productivity through Teamwork and Leadership, Empathy, etc. To the naked eye or ear, this may seem a ‘jargonistic diagnosis’, yet it is not.

Forearmed and forewarnedcan only be achieved with Education, Awareness, Practices and more Practices. The ‘born Leader is always welcomed, yet at LeadershipCoachings.Com we can dramatically improve the likelihood of your success in managing and leading your good self, your players and your team (whether that is upwards or downwards)

Enrique TOPO Rodriguez has a life of more than 50 years leading by example, having achieved a Triple Rugby Union International, who represented Argentina, Tahiti and Australia.

His unbelievable achievements in a non-paid nevertheless very professional (attitude and dedication to preparation) is something to behold. From his early twenties TOPO found himself Coaching and Leading clubs, provincial, regional and national rugby teams. To survive and thrive at elite international level an athlete needs to be on its ‘A’ Game, this demands superb alertness, observation and selflessness.

We are not going to provide you with a list of his accolades, gongs and certificates here (you may look elsewhere in this website). Suffice to say at 35 years of age he Captained the Wallabies vs Mendoza Province in Argentina (1987). At 39 Captained the British Barbarian Football Club (1991 Centenary Tour of Scotland and Ireland), also Captained the Zebre XV (Italian Barbarians Rugby Team vs Italy just two weeks before the 1991 rugby World Cup.

Becoming a father at 23 for first time and at 28 second time, moving his family to another island/country/continent, tackling a new language, political and social systems, and succeed? – This is a very clear case of strong Leadership and Vision. Mr Rodriguez or TOPO as is commonly known these days thrives on Helping, Coaching and Teaching Individuals and Corporate Executives about:

The ART of Leadership

Player Selection & Players’ Interaction

Team Spirit Building

Leadership Management & Coaching

Planning – Preparation – Performance (self / individuals / team)

Please call us for a chat, so we can help you to ascertain or corroborate your needs and wants. TOPO will look after you and your executives himself. Since 2018, TOPO has undertaken to learn everything about NOBLE-MANHATTAN COACHING (https://www.noble-manhattan.com/) NMC is one of the world’s largest providers of Life & Corporate Executives Performance training courses. There are several different course to suit your situation, your company, or your employer’s conditions and environment. Please do not hesitate to contact us, via phone, email, text, Zoom, Skype, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Ph: +61 412 403304 |PO Box 4131 Carlton NSW 2218 Australia

Emails: etr@leadershipcoachings.com | enriquetoporodriguez@yahoo.com.au

Skype: live:toporod | Instagram: enriquetoporodriguez

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